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It's all about connection with Hugs N' Belly Rubs - that's why we make sure you stay up to date and in the loop with your pet's care while you're away. Enjoy detailed notes and pictures sent to your phone after every service. 

Best of all, at the end of your day or vacation, you get to come home to a healthy, fulfilled, and happy pet who's eagerly waiting to greet you!

Hugs N' Belly Rubs At Your Service

The Process

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Get In Touch

Simply get in touch via phone, email, or our contact form here, and we'll schedule your free Meet & Greet!

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The Meet & Greet

This is our chance to learn about your pet's routine and get to know them. Learn more about the Meet & Greet here.

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Relax & Enjoy

Now's the time to enjoy your time away knowing your pets are being loved and well cared for as our own.

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And...Book again!

Complete your online portal registration, so you can book future services online, update pet info, and more!

Happy Clients

"For the past three years, my family and I have entrusted Lisa of Hugs N' Belly Rubs with the care of our two dogs. We are able to take vacations and weekends away with total peace of mind knowing that Lisa is very dependable and will be there to care for them. In addition, Lisa provides the love and attention they would otherwise be missing. Lisa sends regular updates and pictures of the girls during each visit, which is so nice and comforting to receive. I'm always amazed that she can get such nice pics of both of them as Mya is never cooperative when I try to take her picture! When we arrive back home, we find them much less anxious about having been left for a time since they were so well cared for in our absence.  "

~ Donna F.

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