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  • What happens at the complimentary Meet and Greet?
    The Meet and Greet is the time where we can obtain all the necessary information needed to care for your pet. We will also take some time to get to know your pets and assess their temperaments. If, after the Meet & Greet, we're all ready and excited to move forward, payment for the upcoming scheduled visits (if there are any) and two sets of keys will be collected. You will also be given a link to our booking app/portal where you will be able to schedule any future visits, update your pet's information, etc. Note: For our safety, any pet that appears to be overly territorial, anxious, or aggressive towards people or other animals will not move forward in the process.
  • Do you provide boarding services?
    At this time, we do not offer boarding; however, it is something we hope to offer in the future. :)
  • Do you charge extra for multiple pets?
    Nope! We charge by time. So, as long as everyone is well cared for and there is extra time left over for play and snuggles, all is well. If this is not possible, a longer visit time may be needed.
  • Will you clean up any accidents?
    Of course! Please leave out cleaning supplies and we will do our best to clean up any accidents. We will also clean up during potty breaks and walks. However, please note we cannot guarantee that no stains will be visible and we are not responsible for any accidents that occur between our last visit and the time you come home.
  • How do overnight stays work?
    Overnight stays (10 hours) are usually from 9pm - 7am but may fluctuate slightly due to schedule. During that time, pets can have their dinner if not given earlier, go for a walk/potty break, have playtime and snuggle with sitter, sleep in bed with sitter or other designated area, go for a morning walk/potty break and have breakfast. Midday visits can be added at the regular visit rate. Note: We ask that you do leave a clean set of sheets for the sitter.
  • Are you bonded and insured?
    Yes, we are bonded and insured through Pet Sitters Associates LLC.
  • What happens if my pet becomes ill or injured while I'm away?
    Making sure your pet is safe and well cared for is our top priority! In the event that your pet is injured or ill, we will make every attempt to contact you first and then your emergency contact. We will then proceed to the vet you have listed or the closest emergency vet.
  • How do you keep my keys secure and why do you need two sets of keys?
    Keys are marked with your pets name and last initial, never your name or address. All keys are kept in a safe separate from client paperwork. We need two sets of keys because we need one for the sitter and one as a backup to be kept in a safe in the office in case of lockout or key being misplaced. If you have a keypad or garage code, a key is still needed as a backup in case of power outage or lack of battery life. All keys are kept in the safe when not in use.
  • How do I pay you and what is your cancellation policy?
    Upon making a booking with us, we require 50% upfront. The remainder is due upon departure date for pet sitting services. If you do need to cancel (hey, life happens - we get it), the following cancellations policies will apply. Please note we are an appointment-based business, which means if we lose a reservation with little to no notice, it may cause us to turn down a reservation in order to care for your animals. Non-Holiday Vacation Visits: 8 or more days’ notice for cancellation prior to reservation: full refund 4-7 days’ notice for cancellation: 50% of total refunded 3 or fewer days’ notice for cancellation: NO refund Major National Holiday Visits and Overnight Stays: 15 or more days’ notice for cancellation prior to reservation: full refund 7-14 days’ notice for cancellation: 50% of total refunded 6 or fewer days’ notice for cancellation: NO refund Early Return to Home or Late Departure from Home: Reservations are made to plan for sitter availability for client’s reservation dates. Therefore, clients will be required to pay for the full reserved amount of time. Last-Minute Booking/Cancellation Fee for Regular Daily Visits: Our office hours are 8 AM to 8 PM. If there are added visits (if we're available) made after 8pm for the following day, an extra $5 per visit will be applied. If a visit needs to be cancelled after 8pm for the following day, no refund or credit will be given.
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